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Kaizen support Factory kaizen(Total-TPS) Japan 25 companies (auto manufacturers, parts manufacturers, PCB manufacturers, and others)
China 35 companies (communications equipment manufacturers, industrial engine manufacturers, and others)
Korea 10 companies (steelmakers, generator equipment manufacturers, and others)
US 4 companies (aircraft manufacturers, motorcycle manufacturers, and others)
Mexico 8 companies (automotive parts manufacturers and others)
Russia 35 companies (steelmakers, plywood manufacturers, and others)
India Tractor manufacturer and one other
Sri Lanka Apparel manufacturer
Pakistan Two apparel manufacturers
Product design/development China Auto manufacturers, engine manufacturers, wind power companies
US Aircraft manufacturers, motorcycle manufacturers
Production preparation(Process/equipment design) China Auto manufacturers, engine manufacturers, wind power companies
US Aircraft manufacturers, motorcycle manufacturers
Factory diagnostics (Global benchmarking) 1,000+ companies In Japan, China, Korea, Russia, Italy, India, and elsewhere
Training seminars(160 sessions totaling 300+ training days annually as of 2019) Held in Japan For clients from China, Russia, Korea, Turkey, Netherlands, US, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Chile, and others
Held overseas In China, Russia, Italy, Turkey, and elsewhere

Our clients span nearly every industry

Auto manufacturing, engine manufacturing, battery manufacturing, spring manufacturing, drive shaft manufacturing, piston ring manufacturing, headlight manufacturing, mirror manufacturing, roof rail manufacturing, press forging, plating, painting and coating, seatbelt fabrication

Aircraft, motorcycles, rolling stock, industrial machines, sewing machines, fluidic devices, communications equipment, PCBs, electronic components, flowmeters, home appliances, agricultural equipment (combines/tractors), steel, steel piping

Gold mining, limestone mining, mining equipment manufacturing, petrochemical product manufacturing, oil field equipment manufacturing

Sewing, weaving, shoe manufacturing, sock manufacturing, jewelry processing, secondary distribution of brand-name products

Rice, vegetables, livestock (broilers, chicken eggs)

Hospitals, electric companies (thermal/wind), power distribution companies, software development, communications projects, convenience stores, security services, logistics and warehousing, trading companies (building materials), printing, nursing care, preschools, and more

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